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The poverty of responsibility and the politics of blame – part 2

Politics and Insights

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Social security came about precisely because we evolved to recognise a need for a social safety net to protect vulnerable citizens, because we learned last century that we are all potentially vulnerable, and that it isn’t anything to do with a person’s characteristics, they are not to blamefor socio-economic circumstances, or becoming ill and disabled. Unemployment, accident and illness can happen to anyone.
In 1992, Peter Lilley, the somewhat salacious Tory department of social security secretary said he had “got a little list” of people to stereotype as scroungers. Lilley amused the Conservative Party conference with a plan to “close down the something for nothing society”, delivered in the form of a parody of the Lord High Executioner’s “little list” song from The Mikado  by Gilbert and Sullivan:
“I’ve got a little list / Of benefit offenders who I’ll soon be rooting out / And who never would be missed…

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Michael Moore Interviews Tony Benn – from the Documentary ‘Sicko’

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

I found this clip of America’s Capped Crusader Michael Moore interviewing Tony Benn about the NHS on Youtube. It’s from Moore’s movie, Sicko, where he laid into America’s private health care system. Benn points out that it came from the experience of having no unemployment during the War. After the War, according to Benn, people began to wonder why there should be any unemployment in peace time either, when people could be employed building hospitals. Moore wonders that the NHS was built as far back as 1948, and expresses his admiration for the way the British all pulled together to build it. Benn states very clearly how popular the NHS is, to the point where even Thatcher had to say that it would be safe in the Tories’ hands. When Moore asks him what would have happened if Blair had tried to privatise it, Benn finishes for him by…

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Atos awarded contract for NHS records – Telegraph

Atos awarded contract for NHS records – Telegraph.

Patient records should not have been sold, NHS admits – Telegraph

Patient records should not have been sold, NHS admits – Telegraph.                                  Oh yeah! I was assured  that  NHS DID NOT nor, WILL NOT sell any records!

Hospital records of all NHS patients sold to insurers – Telegraph

Hospital records of all NHS patients sold to insurers – Telegraph.

Benefits and financial help – GOV.UK

Benefits and financial help – GOV.UK.        Saying nowt!

Cash box

Llandudno Pictures


It appears that BT are saving some of their iconic red phone boxes from being scrapped, by converting them into cash machines.

This one appeared on Gloddaeth Street last month.

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Orange/EE pt 2: More damaging, irresponsible nonsense | The SKWAWKBOX Blog

Orange/EE pt 2: More damaging, irresponsible nonsense | The SKWAWKBOX Blog.

W.C. Jameson. | The Gravel Ghost.

W.C. Jameson. | The Gravel Ghost..

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