The World Turned Upside Down #billybragg

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The World Turned Upside Down  

A song written by Leon Rosselson and sung by Billy Bragg. The song is about a 17th Century group known as the Diggers.  

They simply wanted a share of the land. Unfortunately, Oliver Cromwell didn’t share their ideas and used the army to put down the Diggers, as he wanted to protect the ruling elites’ position within society.

In 1649 To St. George’s Hill, 

A ragged band they called the Diggers

Came to show the people’s will

They defied the landlords

They defied the laws

They were the dispossessed reclaiming what was theirs

We come in peace they said To dig and sow

We come to work the lands in common

And to make the waste ground grow

This earth divided

We will make whole

So it will be

A common treasury for all
The sin of property

We do disdain

No man…

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