Split dynamic within Left Unity?


There is a clear split dynamic within Left Unity. How can it possibly help socialists to pretend otherwise? My previous post named one member who is explicitly calling for all signatories of the Socialist Platform to be expelled: Robboh. This individual wants the Left Party platform to purge all Trotskyists from Left Unity, including several signatories to his own platform. Clearly, Alan Thornett had better watch his back.

Indeed, a significant part of the organizational backbone of Left Unity would be up before kangaroo courts and out on their ear before too long. Potentially, many of those who are in the firing line from these anti-Socialists are members of the Left Party Platform. That platform contains the seeds of its own destruction, which is nice.

Robboh is simply the first to call so explicitly for a witch hunt of Socialists. And let us be clear that those in Robboh’s…

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