“We’re Holding Our Own”: SS Edmund Fitzgerald

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On 10 November 1975 a ferocious storm swirled over Lake Superior, the result of two weather systems clashing. It was one of the worst storms in the collective memory of many experiencing it. And caught in the middle was the SS Edmund Fitzgerald.

The “Big Fitz” had been launched on 7 June 1958. At that time the 728-foot freighter was the biggest, and one of the speediest, vessels plowing the waters of the Great Lakes. She would lose that title in 1971 to another vessel that surpassed the Fitzgerald in size. Still the Fitzgerald was something to be proud of. Although owned by Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company she was operated by Oglebay-Norton Company. Oglebay-Norton showed their appreciation for the vessel by making her their flagship.

In seventeen years of operation four different captains had commanded the Fitzgerald. Her latest was Ernest McSorley, the fourth and…

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