UK Poor in Workhouse Conditions: Millions Left Without Sick Pay, Leave, Basic Rights

Scriptonite Daily


In Victorian Britain, those unlucky enough to form the ranks of the newly unemployed in the process of industrialisation and urbanisation were placed in workhouses.  In return for shelter and food, they were required to work as many hours as the master dictated.  Sadly, centuries on, workers in the UK are heading back into the workhouse conditions their predecessors fought so hard to escape.

Jobs without Pay


Unemployed people seeking work at their local jobcentres have been appalled to find that the jobs being advertised are not actually jobs, but workfare placements.

The Government has a whole host of programmes purportedly in place to support the jobless back into paid employment.  Workfare refers to all of the programmes which are mandatory, long term and paid less than minimum wage.

No one is arguing that relevant, short term work experience is a useful offer for young and mature…

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