David Miliband Is Wrong. The Tories Can’t Win the Next Election

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If Michael Burke’s projection is correct, Ed Miliband can afford to be braver, adopt socialist policies, and reject the Austerity policies and the Deficit Lies which are currently being touted.  If it is fear which is preventing the Labour leadership announcing policies which the people would be so pleased to hear – for example renationalisation of railways and utilities, then he can be reassured, and silence the Blairites preventing Labour’s move leftwards. On the other hand, if he is ‘keeping his powder dry’ and waiting for the right time to attack the Tories and present socialist policies, like in 1945, then, I hope we don’t have long to wait to hear.

 David Miliband Is Wrong. The Tories Can’t Win the Next Election

By Michael Burke (Socialist Economic Bulletin) 

Miliband’s parting shot before leaving Britain was an interview with Andrew Marr where he argued that the Tories can win…

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