Stonehenge, Wales and BBQ’s: A Long Overdue Update

Margaret Yekulis

I know, I know. For everyone I told to keep checking out my blog, I’m totally going to be updating it all the time… I’m sorry! We’ve had a bit of a hectic month (+) since I posted last. After our day-trip in London we headed down to Southampton to pick up Penny and finally take her back to Liverpool with us. On the way back up we made a couple quick stops for a bit of sightseeing (why not, right?).

First stop was Stonehenge. I had visited back when I was 18, and to be honest it was still as uneventful this time around. Of course it’s fun to see such a historical place if you happen to be in England, but the whole monument is roped off. I remember our tour guide telling us that when he was a kid you were able to go right up to…

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