Cool poems in a heatwave…

Grandy's Landing

Hi Folks,

It feels pleasantly cool this morning with even a hint of rain in the air.  But what a scorcher last week was with grass fires, melting roads and buckled rail lines!  I hope you like my poems below.  I think of them as cool poems from the heatwave…

Have a nice Sunday, All.




‘Scallywags’ (a triple-haiku) was written very early one morning, before the thermometer went crazy.  Sparrows were zipping and dipping all over our back garden.




Nice morning, soft blue,

cheeky beaks at my window;

the sparrows are back.


Chirpy scallywags

gossiping in the laurel;

quick wings beat the air.


Nice morning, soft blue,

I feel like a boy again.

Aye, the sparrows back.




‘Jackpot True’ (a triolet) was inspired by a visit last week to the Welsh seaside resort of Llandudno.  An air of Victorian…

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