Time to expel Chris Bambery’s spy in the SWP – Mike Gonzalez:


Dear SWP central committee loyalists,

Mark Bergfeld‘s factionalists are lying through their teeth. They continue to consciously organize for the destruction of the Socialist Workers Party. Not one of them has a clue about the meaning of democratic centralism.

Leninism must be defended against these people whose objective role (and in most cases their subjective one too) is to liquidate a democratic centralist organisation that has over many decades organized many thousands of Marxists sacrificing so much.

Regardless of how much damage Mark Bergfeld’s liars do to this thorn in the side of the British ruling class and their special bodies of armed men (and women too), they must not be allowed to hide their anti-Marxist politics away in the shadows. Let’s subject this politics to a rigorous analysis.

Why exactly is Mike Gonzalez quite so determined to help the capitalist state (with its Special Branch undercover cops engaging…

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