Open Letter to Mike Gonzalez:


Dear Mike Gonzalez,

I hope you will get round some day to answering my questions about why you buried evidence of the former national secretary of the SWP Chris Bambery being a police spy who had been unconstitutionally purging members in Glasgow going back to the mid (possibly early) 1980s, with myself one of his victims: Is Mike Gonzalez a police spy?/.

Is it possible that you buried the evidence because you were paid to keep your mouth shut in order to protect Chris Bambery from an investigation by Chris Harman, John Rees, Lindsey German and the rest of the SWP central committee at the time? While I cannot prove that is why you stabbed the victims of Bambery’s purges for decades in the back, that is certainly the most probable explanation. If you want to pose an alternative, I doubt it will impress the SWP rank and file…

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