Open Letter to Douglas Alexander MP about Renfrewshire Council [Part I]:


Dear Douglas Alexander,

You are my member of parliament. I don’t particularly like you. Nor do I trust you. I do not believe for one second that you will help me with any of the issues I am going to raise with you. However, I am going to put to the test my theory about your untrustworthiness. There is a job you are supposed to do, and I am willing to give you enough rope to hang yourself. By the way, this is not the first draft of this letter, and if you think I am being undiplomatic,…

I think I have had communications with you only once before. You responded to one of my tweets (can’t remember if it was while you were on Jonathon Dimbleby’s Any Questions, but I think it probably was. You suggested I must have you mixed up with Danny Alexander. Nope, I considered the…

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