Mark Bergfeld admits he doesn’t know who Leon Trotsky is?


As I have previously explained, the reason the SWP lost most of its student members is because the organization had allowed someone ignorant of the ABC of Marxism to become student organizer

The duty of such an individual must be to raise the student section of their party to an appreciation of the Marxist method. But it is hard to imagine anyone less fit to do that job than Mark Bergfeld.

Comrade Bergfeld takes great pride in his ignorance of who Leon Trotsky was. An alternative explanation for the gibberish he’s been tweeting is that he never actually bothered to read the critique he was dismissing out of hand. The final explanation is that he is shit scared of telling his twitter followers that his entire politics had just been subjected to a devastating critique by one of the four greatest revolutionary Marxists who has ever lived: Leon…

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