Left Unity is losing the plot on Woolwich killings:


Sophie Katz defending the notion of a “clash of civilisations” plays into the hands of the English Defense League, British National Party and UKIP on the one hand and Al Qaeda on the other. Left Unity needs to spurn this idea one hundred percent.

Also, it is not very clear what Sophie is proposing. However, it looks to me like she is sympathetic to the killers at Woolwich. This cannot be the attitude of Left Unity.

All decent Muslims are being forced to condemn this senseless killing because they are scared to do anything else, given the lies of the mass media. Salma Yaqoob, for instance, should not need to condemn it anymore than I, as a so-called Christian, need to prove I don’t support Anders Breivik’s massacre. But Muslims are scared because of a lynch-mob atmosphere whipped up by an Islamophobic mass media.

Left Unity have to…

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