Left Unity against Ed Miliband’s cluelessness:

Forgetting The Labour Partys roots. If it wasn’t for the unions, there wouldn’t be a Labour Party!


“We are used to politicians saying the internet is great. If that’s all I’m saying there is no point my being here.”

Wrong, Comrade Miliband. There is no point you being here because you offer the voters just one more capitalist party.

As your father, Ralph, understood, capitalism is a society built upon the foundations of exploitation by those who own the means of production, distribution and exchange.

Wage slaves are the victims of capitalist exploitation. Workers of the world have to unite to expropriate the expropriators. And we need to unite against every single party that dances to the tune of these omni-shambling parasites, including yours.

The capitalists in the long-established advanced world are in chaos. They are drowning in debt. They simply don’t know how to restore their national rate of profit in order to stop them being flushed down the plughole of history by Brazil, Russia, India…

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