Kevin Macguire and illegal general strikes:


“Yet talk of a General Strike will remain just that, talk, when union leaders know it would be illegal.”

So says Kevin Macguire:

The problem with Kevin’s explanation for the impossibility of a general strike is twofold. In the first place, lots of things are illegal, including the use of undercover cops paid out of our taxes to infiltrate the trade unions in order to help corrupt bosses to destroy lives, stop us resorting to wildcat strikes to impose health and safety legislation flouted by criminal employers.

Using undercover cops to infiltrate the trade unions as agent provocateurs in order to entrap naive youths into committing crimes they would not otherwise have considered… That is also illegal. That doesn’t stop Theresa May turning a blind eye to such crimes.

Denying trade unionists free movement during the Miners Strike? Wasn’t that illegal? But Ernie Wise to Kevin socialist Eric Morecambe…

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