Kate Hudson’s Liberal Paralysis on Woolwich:


Kate Hudson’s response to the Woolwich atrocity has exposed the problems with Left Unity’s leadership.

Left Unity to this day remains the only ‘organization’ claiming to be part of the left that has issued no statement on the Woolwich atrocity. Apparently that is a strength of Left Unity as far as Kate Hudson is concerned. This makes Left Unity robust as it is less likely to split since everyone can do and say whatever they want? Bullshit!

A jelly is not brittle. But no matter how tasty the flavor if you are fighting a class war jelly is not the perfect weapon now, is it?

Does Kate truly believe Left Unity will become a party of the left if there is no collective discipline on the leadership of the ‘organization’? I don’t. Why would anyone lend their votes to Left Unity if Jeremy Paxman, Gavin Esler, Cathy Newman and Andrew…

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