Cathy Newman’s stalking, headbutt threatening fan is not a genius:


President of Cathy Newman’s fan-club, who goes by the twitter ID @Adiskype, has tried to leave a comment on my blog. Thanks to his doing that, I now have access to his email address and his IP address. That is going to make is so much easier for the police to trace the source of the threat to give me a ‘Liverpool Kiss’, which means headbutt, and to find out where I live within 24 hours.

It will be possible to determine if this email address and IP address is related to those that made the threats, and also deleted the tweets he claims never appeared in cyberspace, despite his claiming not to be in cyberspace to see if those tweets appeared or did not appear.

My guess is that Adiskype will not be able to find anyone stupid enough to offer him an alibi. When it is so obvious…

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