Charging Problems

Barefoot Sanfords

Apple-Macbook-Pro-2I’ve learned a lot about computers in the past three days. I know a little bit from gaming in my teen years, and customizing a tower to perform better, but I’ve really been cramming information in my head.

First off, there’s my new job. Every computer, laptop, tablet, and phone is different. They all have different specifications on them and do different things. I have learned a little about processors and graphics cards, but there is still a ton I don’t know.

In addition to that, I have been researching how to fix my own MacBook Pro. During the same twenty-four hours, The Barefoot Wife’s computer and mine stopped charging. We swapped chargers, and noticed some damage to both power adapter ports. And I’ve been looking at how to repair or replace the ports. After some research, you can’t just replace the ports. Both computers have the port directly on…

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