Brave New Egypt

The Political Idealist

Yes, I’m sorry. I know that the media have been discussing nothing else for over 24 hours, but I feel it’s important to join in, on this occasion: what’s going on in Egypt?

I can’t help feeling uneasy that barely a year after President Morsi was comfortably elected as the first legitimate President, he was deposed, not by the people but by the military with popular support. However, we all felt uneasy as Morsi awarded himself increasingly far-reaching powers that not even Mubarak had. We all felt uneasy when the secular republic that existed under the previous dictatorship was replaced with one that leaned too heavily on religious viewpoints. And of course, we have to remember that Morsi was only elected due to the fragmentation of the democratic vote being such that he was the less unpalatable candidate in the run-off. The truth is, true democracy only momentarily existed after…

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