Hartville, Wyoming- Wyoming’s Oldest Town That is Still Alive


On my way home from my Black Hills excursion, having righted my course after a wrong turn led me 30 miles too far south down Hat Creek Road in search of old Fort Hat Creek, I found my tires back on blacktop and heading the right direction towards home.  (I never did find Fort Hat Creek by the way, even though I was within 2 miles of it when I took the wrong fork of the road and ended up deep in the Wyoming nothingness! A deer, lazily foraging along the bottom of Hat Creek stopped and posed for a pic (see below), so startled by my appearance it stared at my with a look of confusion, wondering what a strange human type was doing so far from anything “human.” That’s when I knew it was time to turn around!)

Rolling through Lusk, then on through Lingle, I headed west…

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