Politics ‘V’ Political… Blogging Against Disableism 2013

Ramblings of a Fibro Fogged Mind

Hi folks wow where did that year go? 🙂

Today is blogging against disableism day, this time last year I did a piece about how the media had whole heartedly embraced the scrounger  rhetoric condemning thousands of us to derision and hate from the general public.

Has much changed in that time?

Yes and No…

We still have a constant barrage of offensive and inaccurate reporting, that would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious. We still appear to be at logger heads with our current government with regards to benefit reform, and those on welfare in general…Here’ just a Couple of examples… The Sun, The Daily Mail,

But, there have been some subtle changes, changes that have been hard-won… We are seeing more articles, about how the welfare reforms are not well thought out, more articles that question the statistics that are coming out of the DWP, articles that wholly…

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