DWP ‘nudge’ chief: none forced to take fake ‘test’. DWP FOI: yes they were

Having had experience of the suspect (Atos) I can vouch to the fact that they and,their paymasters (UK government aka swivel eyed loons) are complete fraudsters and, charlatans. Heard about the ill going to ‘appointments’ with Atos and,the quote of a social worker when asking a colleague why so many premises that Atos use,have steps up to the entrance? Said conference attendee replied (and,not remembering the exact words used) “oh ,that’s easy.If they can’t get up the steps,they are deemed to have failed to attend hence,they lose their benifits. If they can get to the appointment,they’re deemed fit so losing their benefits”. Methinks Atos (+ Tories have watched too many Carry On films. I hate and,detest both the swivel eyed loons + Atos!


Last month I exposed the fake psychometric test the DWP was forcing candidates to take for behaviour-manipulation purposes, under threat of losing their benefits through ‘sanction’ if they did not comply. The story continues to rumble on.

On the 1st of May, the Guardian picked up the story and it became one of their most-read articles of the week. Shiv Malik, the author of that article, told me that the DWP was trying to deny all kinds of things in what seemed clearly to be a transparent attempt at damage limitation. It denied:

  • that the test referred to in the ‘jobseeker’s direction’ (JSD) letter was in fact the ‘my strengths’ test in question
  • that anyone had ever been forced to take the test
  • that anyone could have lost benefits for not taking it
  • that the test was bogus

These denials in the face of the evidence of the JSD letter…

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