Dust Storm, Mojave Desert

Less Than Amateur

I seem to have good luck at this spot. Driving home from Death Valley we came across a whippin’ wind storm and I pulled over near the dry lakebed off the 14 near Red Rock Canyon. I had shot here before, you can see those here: http://lessthanamateur.wordpress.com/2012/04/13/photographers-are-like-djs/


I got out of the car and for a minute thought perhaps that I had made a fatal mistake and these would be my last moments before I was guzzled by a rare Mojave tornado (they do happen.)  I couldn’t see anything to my right, just dust. The railroad signs behind me were shaking like crazy and four or so cars had just come speeding out from the direction of the dust storm.


The wind was so strong it was pelting me in the face and body where my arms and legs were uncovered with rocks. Not dirt. Rocks. I snapped a few…

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