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Llandudno Sea Triathlon 2013

Llandudno Sea Triathlon 2013.

Sandbach Town Council | Cheshire Historic Market Town Official Site

Wages For Interns, Workfare For The Poor Says Hazel Blears MP

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blears-smugLabour MP Hazel Blears’ appalling workfare hypocrisy has been exposed this week after she jumped on the intern bandwagon to demand an end to unpaid work for middle class graduates.

Blears has been supporting the Intern Aware campaign, which rightly calls for internships – periods of work experience usually aimed at graduates beginning professional careers – to come with a salary.  Blears claims it is a “modern day scandal” that these jobs come without pay.

Yet astonishingly (as revealed by @boycottworkfare on twitter) Blears doesn’t just support unpaid work for young unemployed people, but she is actively involved in arranging workfare placements.  Blears runs the Kids Without Connections scheme, a ‘work experience’ programme linked to the Jobcentre and which doesn’t pay workers a penny.

Far from being a “modern day scandal” Blears claims it is “fantastic” that scores of young people have been sent to work unpaid for…

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Tax Research UK » Methodists wil be targeting Cadbury in Bournville this weekend.

Water to water

Water to water.

DWP’s fake psych ‘test’ breaks EU AND British consent law?


It’s been a big day. My articles on the fake psychometric ‘test’ that the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) is forcing unemployed people to take on pain of losing their benefits were picked up by the Guardian’s Shiv Malik, and subsequently by the Huffington Post’s Felicity Morse. As a result of Shiv Malik’s article, the Guardian asked me to write a brief piece for its ‘Comment is free’ section – my first ever piece of mainstream journalism.

Malik’s article was the most-read of the day in the newspaper’s ‘Society’ section. Clearly the unethical actions by the DWP have struck a chord in people – and rightly so. It’s been great to see such a spotlight shone on such a fundamental issue as the way in which the government is cynically manipulating – and nakedly threatening – disadvantaged people.

However, it appears that the government’s behaviour in this…

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A Call to Arms- PIP Needs You

A Call to Arms- PIP Needs You.

A Call to Arms- PIP Needs You

A Call to Arms- PIP Needs You.

A Call to Arms- PIP Needs You

Ramblings of a Fibro Fogged Mind

Hi All, time for another guest post this is regarding the coming PIP regulations FibroGirl, and 500,000 disabled people are  asking for your help… Dxxx

A call to arms – PIP needs you

I was moved to roll up my campaigning sleeves late in 2011 when I finally dipped my toes in the water of twitter and followed the bread crumbs to see what was happening. Until that point I felt alone with my struggles.

The endless forms, justifying myself and my illness, learning to live with the fact I would never again be able to work or even plan more than a day ahead and even that was good going. Dealing with the loss of ME And watching my loved ones adjusting to this person who now had to walk with a stick that lead on to a wheelchair and some days never getting out of bed.

I was one…

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